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The team at Lightstream has developed a proprietary SOC 2 Self-Assessment and Readiness Scoring methodology in partnership with JustProtect. It’s a revolutionary platform that is fast, easy, and free. More importantly, it can save you serious time and money as you evaluate the need for SOC 2.

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Why care about SOC 2?

Customers trust you with their sensitive data. Achieving SOC 2 certification shows your customers you’re serious about the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of that data. Your business needs to a SOC 2 certification to remain competitive.

The problem? Achieving SOC 2 Type I or Type II requires a methodical approach that incorporates policies, processes, and optimized security technology – things you probably don’t have the time or expertise for. That's why we developed the SOC 2 CAP (“Compliance Accelerator Platform”).

Lightstream’s SOC 2 Compliance Accelerator Platform provides a quick start with the tools you need to get your SOC 2 certification and get on with business. Take the readiness self assessment to take your first step.