Master the art of Cloud Cost Containment

Lightstream FinOps act as a conduit between your finance and tech divisions, catalyzing data-informed expenditure collaborations. By championing cost-awareness, accountability, and operational agility, FinOps is pivotal in unlocking the full potential of your cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re a FinOps novice or expert, Lightstream is poised to elevate your financial acumen and operational expertise, ensuring you reap the maximum ROI from your cloud investments.

  • Consolidate cloud inventory and billing

  • Gain deep insights into cloud utilization and analytics

  • Eliminate waste and optimize your cloud infrastructure

  • Gain access to RI discounts & special pricing 

  • Leverage Lightstreams buying power and expertise

Discover Lightstream FinOps

Lightstream FinOps - A Three-Phase Approach

Cloud Accountability Square@3x

Uses tagging, alerts budgeting & reporting to create accountability across the organization

Rate optimization square@3x

Reduces costs through discounts, special pricing and integrated contract management 

Usage Optimization_1@3x

Focuses on eliminating waste, right-sizing, automations and continuous optimization